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Part 1: Dashboard

Part 2: Connect Sales Team

Part 3: Connecting Marketing Sources

Part 4: Connect Online Marketing

Part 5: How to assign lead source

Part 6: How to use assign option

Part 7: Use of the Follow-Up Calendar

Part 8: How to Import Old Lead Data

Part 9: Define Sales Target

Part 10: Create Workflow

Part 11: Create Task to Team

Part 12: Appointment Automation

Part 13: Create Custom Forms

Part 14: Create Invoices

Part 15: Capture Mobile Number

Part 16: Create Catalogue

Part 17: Connect Facebook Ad Account

Part 18: Connect Google Ad Account

Part 19: SMS/WhatsApp Template

Part 20: How to create tags

Part 21: Use of Marketing

Part 22: How to send wishes

Part 23: How to upload Documents

Part 24: Custom Reports

Part 25: Use of Settings

Part 26: Use of Help

Part 27: Manage follow-up, leads

Part 29: Connect tawk to

Part 30: Capture Lead from Facebook

Part 31: Feature of Sales Team Account